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Complete the detailed form on our website, providing information about your property and the type of arrangement you envision. Alternatively, feel free to email or call us for a more direct conversation.
Coordinate Terms
Upon receiving your information, our dedicated team swiftly gets in touch. We will discuss and finalize the terms, ensuring all your queries and concerns are addressed. An arrangement for property viewing is then scheduled at your convenience.
Approve Your Tenant
Once a fitting tenant is found for your property, we will get in touch with you for the final approval. Ensuring the tenant aligns with your expectations and preferences is our priority.
Ensure your lease agreements are clear, concise, and compliant with the latest regulations, safeguarding your rights and interests as a landlord.
Have specific tenant requirements? Our dedicated team will conduct a tailored search to find the ideal tenant that meets all your criteria
Lease Agreement Preparation
Tailored Tenant Search
Professional Cleaning Services
Our Services
At Houseroom, our basic service offers a comprehensive database of prospective tenants, allowing us to find you a suitable tenant at no cost. But we don't stop there. Recognizing the unique needs of every landlord, we present a range of additional, affordable services, ensuring your leasing experience is as smooth and rewarding as possible.
Opt for the ultimate in convenience with our total property management package, overseeing all administrative responsibilities, check in/out operations, and routine maintenance tasks.
Make your property stand out with high-resolution images and an appealing showcase, attracting the right tenants efficiently and effectively.
If your property is unfurnished, rely on us to coordinate the furnishing, ensuring your property is both attractive and functional, ready to welcome tenants.
Comprehensive Property Management
Professional Photography and Showcase
Furnishing and Property Enhancement
Provide a spotless and welcoming environment for your tenants with the assistance of our connected professional cleaning services.
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Please provide a brief description of your property and specify the type of arrangement you would like to have with us. This information will help us to better understand your needs and expectations, ensuring a smoother collaboration.
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